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Tim Budden - pictured here with his wife Noriko Kawamura - has had the ability to channel since he went to Sri Sathya Sai Baba's ashram in India in early 1994. Noriko also channels Sananda

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A Channelled Book & C.D. Healing System
from Sananda (a.k.a The Lord Jesus Christ)
for the benefit and health of humanity.

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If the information in this book "Living In The Grace And Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ" does not suit your purpose to grow into the light, or if you gain no positive benefit from using the meditation C.D. everyday for 1 months, we will gladly refund your money.

This book and C.D. was an important chapter in my life and one which I won't ever forget. ... Scroll down to read more....

The Meditation CD with this book brought down my high blood pressure... Scroll down to read more ....

See more testimonials in the following text

The  book is called "Living In The Grace And Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ".

The accompanying C.D. is called "Holographic Healing".

Both the book & C.D. were Channelled from Sananda/Jesus Christ

And Is Dedicated To World Peace
Sananda's medium and author - Timothy Peter Budden.


Holographic Healing will enhance your health and your ability as a healer.

You can use it on yourself or you can recommend it to your friends, clients and loved ones.

Holographic Healing will enhance the result of any healing modality you practice or are receiving.


This book and Holographic Healing C.D. will

help you heal anxiety, panic, phobias, post traumatic stress, O.C.D. and fear of all kinds

calm the pain and dissatisfaction associated with unhappiness in your life (see testimonials below).

calm and heal the negative subconscious belief systems and thought patterns that sabotage you.

heal thought patterns that do not serve you or humanity in your life today.


Regular use of the Holographic Healing C.D. can heal all physical problems & negative qualities of the mind.

It also brings you toward enlightenment.


Holographic Healing can calm and heal all physical ailments including:

problematic menopausal symptoms


psoriasis & skin disorders

musculo-skeletal weakness

digestion problems

high blood pressure

Addictions (see testimonial below)

According to Sananda, Holographic Healing is a special dispensation given from the Universe to help humanity.


"I first met Noriko and Tim after I had my second miscarriage, and I had been in despair and sadness for a while. I did not know what Reiki was all about but I remember my friend recommending it strongly, and so I decided to visit Tim and Noriko's Reiki Clinic in Sydney.

I felt like I was guided and Reiki and the Meditation C.D. became the most important part of my life. I listened to Tim's meditation C.D. and tears began running down my cheeks against my will. My heart felt so peaceful after the meditation and so I listened to the meditation C.D. almost every day.

To my surprise, I became aware of things happening around me. Even in unpleasant situations I could understand the core essence of why it was happening, and because of this I could deal with it from a different angle.

At the same time I experienced the joy of untangling the mass of difficulties in my life. It was like I found the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle and that feeling of satisfaction stayed with me for a long time.

 One year later I gave birth to a little girl and after that a little boy. I am now living a fulfilled and happier life. These days I am very busy and so I listen to the meditation C.D. as relaxation."

K. N.


Holographic Healing can help with all addictions



"I have had a history of addiction most of my life. If it was not one thing it was another.

When I met Tim and Noriko I was suffering from a serious heroin addiction. This addiction had been with me for 3 years and I was "at the end of my tether".

I needed something to help me kick the habit . I had been to different support groups and programs but I always resumed using heroin a short time after the programs ended.

When I used the Holographic Healing meditation system daily, I found I did not suffer any heroin withdrawal symptoms. What's more my desire to use heroin decreased.

The educational programs I had taken prior, were useful because the knowledge and skills I learnt helped me stay clear of heroin and other addictions.

I have now been clean of heroin for 10 years and I have a husband and a family of 2 boys.

I can recommend that this is a powerful system. If you use it regularly you can have great results.

A. B.

Other people suffered from intense anxieties which completely crippled their ability to function in everyday life.

Those who have stuck with the Holographic Healing system are now doing well and have a lot more choices than they had previously.


"Around about mid 2001 I was at a time in my life, where I was feeling extremely low. I could not seem to shake this depression or feeling of constant anxiety. What made it even worse was that, I didn't really know what was causing it or why. After trying many other well-known remedies for depression, such as counseling and homeopathy, I felt that nothing seemed to be working at all. This would put me at a deeper low because all I was feeling now was that I would remain like this for as long as I lived.

One day after what seemed like an eternity of grief, I found out about a technique known as "Holographic Healing" Meditation, in laymen's terms, the healing of ones mind. Tim and Noriko's C.D. was an important chapter in my life and one which I won't ever forget. It was the turning point between me five years ago, a depressed, self-loathing and lethargic individual, to me this present day, a happy, energetic and vibrant person full of energy and love.

The only advice I would ever offer to anyone is simply try it. What is there to lose?"

- Nic LeBoursicot


"I met Noriko and Tim at a period of extreme anxiety in my life when they introduced me to the art of Holographic Healing.

The help they introduced me to through Holographic Healing enabled me to adjust in the short term to the difficulties I was facing, and in the long-term return to a normal lifestyle and confront my fears.

I believe the techniques I have learnt (from their C.D.) will enable me to cope with similar difficulties should I face them in the future, and in the present I use these techniques on a daily basis to maintain a calm, relaxed and healthy lifestyle."

P. C.

Holographic Healing will help you with your physical condition.

"When I first started using the meditations on the C.D. I had high blood pressure, which would not come down regardless of the medication I was given. I was on maximum prescribed dosages to bring my blood pressure down, but my blood pressure was still very high. After listening to the Holographic Healing C.D. for more than a month my blood pressure came down dramatically. I can attribute this directly to the C.D., as I did nothing else that was different to my normal routine. The C.D. helped me gain and maintain control of my blood pressure, and they help me through the difficulties that I had to face in life.

Regarding the book "Living in The Grace And loved Of Our Lord Jesus Christ", I found it very readable, non-judgmental, non-denominational and loving. I found I could apply all the information to parts of my life and I could identify the examples given in the book to experiences in my life.

This book is a beautiful journey."

- Ann Askew


The mild anxieties and fears that you deal with everyday (and the extreme ones) can be healed by these meditations. Imagine a life of comfort after you resolve the fears and insecurities that hold you back.

The healing of all ailments is possible with holographic healing.

The healing power of the Universe is contained in these meditations to help humanity.

It takes just 20 minutes to listen to the C.D. each day.

Daily use of this C.D. will help you

to control stress, fear and anxiety

combat anger and frustration,

to maintain stability

control disease and body dysfunction.

maintain your body in peak order. All it takes is 20 minutes a day to listen to the C.D

look after yourself, your clients and your loved ones

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The Book "Living In The Grace..." & The Holographic Healing C.D. (Both Channeled From Sananda)
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The Peace And Love Of Sananda
Will Descend Upon You As You Read This Book.

The essence of Sananda's message is how to be happy and have contentedness in your life.

Sananda Honours All Religions As Pathways To God. Regardless of Your Culture Or Religious Persuasion

You Will Find The Messages Enjoyable & Relevant To You...

If you are interested in spiritual knowledge, personal growth and happiness, then "Living In The Grace And Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ" is a valuable addition to your library.



"Living In The Grace And Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ" comes as a timely reminder of the transformative power of love to bring healing and peace back into our lives and into our world. A thought provoking and inspiring book."

- Michelle Higgins, High School Teacher


Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Moslem etc., into "new age" teachings, or even atheist or agnostic,
Sananda's messages are enjoyable and relevant to you.

Sananda has given the information in this book with the utmost love and kindness.
It is non judgmental and non denominational.



Sananda's ideas stimulate thought and self-reflection. You can easily find sections that you can apply to daily existence. It never hurts to view things from a new perspective....this work allows an encourages us to step back and reassess our approach to parts of our relationships, work and family life".

- Matt Langdon, High School Teacher


The Very Practical Teachings Of Sananda
Show You How To Have More Love, Peace and Joy In Your Life!



"Reading this book is a true gift if you are lucky enough to come across it.

I am more a spiritual person, not necessarily 'religious' as such, and of all the spiritual or 'self help' style books I've read, I can't recommend this book more highly to anyone who is searching and wants to live a better and fuller life.

This really is a one-stop shop! It is everything that every one of those books tries to put across, but so much more..and in a
clear easy to action simple format.

In many ways, for me it was like a '
life guide', a very easy to understand overview of simply how to live a rewarding happy peaceful life, and most importantly it gives meaning by helping to address simply the most important topics in life."

- Lara Hutton, Graphic Designer and Editor

"Living In The Grace And love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ" has a lot of useful and fascinating information that you will enjoy.

A few things Sananda talks about are:

the spiritual reasons behind the atomic  bomb blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

Genetically Modified Organisms (G.M.O.s) and the ways that humans can make the spread of them safer.

growing into the light while bringing up a family

management of negative emotions such as anger and despair

cultivating love in the Universe

much more......

Below is a complete list of all
the chapters in Sananda's book.

Ch.1 Love Is The Essence Of The Universe
Ch.2 Everything In The Universe Is Motivated By Love
Ch.3 Growing In Love
Ch.4 Love Is The Vital Essence Of Human Existence
Ch.5 Giving
Ch.6 More On Giving
Good Business
Growing Into The Light In Family Life
Ch.7 Fiscal Responsibly
Ch.8 Having Money
Ch.9 Wealth And Covetousness
A Financial Plan
Wealth And Humility
Ch.10 Respect
Ch.11 Facing Hard Times
Commitment To Kindness
Ch.12 Drinking Establishments & Disincarnate Entities
Area Vibration and Thought Forms
Ch.13 The Hiroshima Bomb & Negative Thought Forms
Positive Thought Forms
Effects Of Positive Thought Forms
Ch.14 A Balanced Ego
Loving Your Neighbor
Ch.15 Giving Love When Times Are Challenging
Who You Are
Ch.16 Effects Of Action (Karma)
The Art Of Loving
Ch.17 Loving God's Creation
Ch.18 Helping The Planet
Genetically Modified Organisms (G.M.O.s)
Ch.19 Contributing To The Planet In The Midst Of Anger And Despair

Sananda's book gives you details on how to live in a kind and loving way, and it gives you real life examples to help you implement the information and make real progress.

A Message To You From Sananda

"This Meditation C.D. and Book has been designed by, Me, Lord Sananda - who most people know as Lord Jesus Christ - to give people the best outcome they can have in their life. All the information has relevancy to people, and if you think of how you can apply the information given in this book, you will have immediate and obvious success in your daily life.

So, I suggest that you read the book through, and then read it again to see how you can apply the information to your life and your situation as a human being living on planet earth. Implement it the best way you know how to at this time of your life.

Secondly do the meditations by listening to the meditation C.D. (it takes 20 minutes a day) and see how it works for you.

You can always come back to the book as a reference at different times of your life. I know there are many spiritual books out there for you read, but you can rely on this book to put you in the right direction and to help you when you need guidance.

So, this is a very special book. It has been prepared by Timothy Budden who is my channel, and it has lots of love and guidance from Me, Lord Sananda. I gave Tim information through his channeling, and he compiled it into a book that is worth reading. Congratulations to Tim for doing this.

Lastly, the meditations in this book have proven effective on many people and in many cases, many of them not even Tim and Noriko know about due to them not being able to follow them up. Many clients of their Reiki Clinic have used these meditations and gained the benefit that is attributed to their effort in maintaining their meditation practice. These meditations are effective and powerful and should be used once a day if people are interested in healing parts of themselves that do not serve themselves or society well. These parts that need healing include physical disorders as well as mental, psychological and emotional problems one wants to repair or resolve in his or her life."

How Much Do The C.D. & Book Cost?

The Holographic Healing CD usually retails at $30.00 and the book is usually $20.00

We have put them together for you as a CD & Book set for the special discounted price of $29.95.

That is a saving of $20.95


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Kind regards
Tim Budden
Tim Budden

Sananda's Message

Tim has taken 10 years to channel, implement, and understand this Holographic Healing system.

Tim and Noriko saw how well the meditations worked through their healing work at their Reiki Clinic before being directed by Me, Sananda to submit them for broader distribution.

We did it this way so that Tim and Noriko would be well equiped to pass the system on to you with the utmost love and competency.

What is there to lose? Just buy the system and try it. I urge you to try it and see what happens.



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